How to play ESL Jeopardy

Jeopardy style games are a staple of many an ESL classroom. This version is fun and easy to play.

 How to play

Choose five question categories and for each category write six questions ranging in difficulty from easy ($100) to difficult ($600). There are some questions you can use on the following pages. Draw a grid on the board and write the categories horizontally and give each column an increment of 100 of the local currency up to five or six hundred.

jeopardy grid
example jeopardy grid


Split the students into teams of three or four, two or three teams is optimal. If possible give each team a separate colour but don’t worry if that’s not possible, give each team a different symbol instead.

The first team starts and chooses a category and an amount. Read out the corresponding question. If the team gives the correct answer then using the team’s colour put a tick in the box of the square which has been won. If the team answers incorrectly, leave the grid square open and available to be attempted again later, you can write a one or two word reminder of the question or maybe a drawing in the square to help students remember which squares have already been in play. Move on to the next team who can choose a new question or  try and answer a question which was previously incorrectly guessed.

The game ends after a set amount of rounds or when there are no questions left. Just add up the tick values for each team and the team with the most money is the winner.

Example categories could include:American/British English, false friends, missing prepositions, anglophone capitals, spelling, languages, nationalities, name three, trivia. See the printables below for more examples.

Printable Jeopardy questions

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