Anger Foot

Posted on Apr 04, 2021.

I don’t know what is your problem with these purple folks. OR why you only kick down doors. I just know that Anger Foot is pretty fun.

There is something deeply satisfying about kicking a door open. Maybe I have some deep-seated hatred of walls that you can open up with a knob. I dunno. All I know is that it never gets old as you play through this game. It’s possibly because you kick the doors so hard that they become a deadly projectile, essentially giving you an extra bullet in the chamber when you burst into a room. That bullet just happens to be the size of a person.

Your task in each stage of the game is to make use of your ammo and door-booting powers to deal with everyone in a building. Preferably without dying, and quickly. You’re timed as you move along, encouraging you to rush around, kicking doors quickly and snagging whatever ammo you can. You only get so many shots if you don’t manage to take down an enemy to take their firearm, so try to make your shots count. You’ll also get perforated if you don’t, so…

Anger Foot is an absurd shooter that will have you strafing around foes while unloading bullets (and dangerous doors) on them. It’s simultaneously silly and serious (with its challenges), making for a quick shooter experience that demands some perfect door-booting as you progress. Great stuff if you’ve ever imagined yourself in a really goofy action movie.