Bravery Network Online

Posted on Apr 07, 2021.

Can’t say I’ve ever caused someone physical harm by writing them up before, but the playful, gorgeous fighter Bravery Network Online is full of such fun surprises.

Fighter not be the most apt description, as it’s turn based. Think of Pokemon, but you’re collecting eccentric adults who don’t have much else to do. Anyway, you form groups of five of these fighters (fifteen in total to choose from), using your special fighting moves to clobber the other side. Some moves are more effective against certain fighters, and you can try to plan these out in advance to get the drop on the other team as they swap their own fighters around. You might also want to get your own character out of harm’s way, too.

Harm doesn’t just mean getting stabbed or punched in this game. You can smash enemies outright with damaging attacks, but you can also chip away at their emotions with other special strikes. Why hurt someone with a sword when you can strike at their emotional strength with a little bit of admiration or seductive unbuttoning. It makes for some very unpredictable matches when a single button can decide the outcome of the fight, after all.

Bravery Network Online is a real treat to watch in action, and with its strategic fighting and often-hilarious moveset, it’s shaping up to be a really interesting experience in Early Access. I’m very curious to see what sorts of other oddballs additions will make their way into it as it continues to develop.