Inspector Waffles

Posted on Apr 05, 2021.

Inspector Waffles may be out to solve a grim crime, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone and everyone in this dog and cat filled world from being completely ridiculous.

Waffles has had a rough go of it. His old partner is dead, and it’s left Waffles with a bad taste in his mouth. The kind of taste you can only wash out by drowning your existence in a bottle of hard milk (do I want to know what hard milk tastes like? I feel I don’t). Still, curiosity is the hallmark of a good detective, so when a popular CEO is found dead in Cat Town, Waffles just has to start pulling at the strings. And then chasing them around the room. Likely while doing that cute little wiggle that cats do before they pounce on something.

That’s honestly a pretty grim story to start us off, but things don’t stay all dark and depressing throughout the game. I mean, a dog officer putting their head out of the window, their ears flapping in the wind as you drive around, should give you a better indication of the tone of the game. It’s playful despite its lethal crimes, filled with an endless array of puns and oddball situations. Not that I would expect a game about a cat detective to take itself too seriously.

If you like your noir with a silly side, Inspector Waffles aims to please as you interrogate its silly citizens. Well, as long as you love your puns, as this game’s developer CLEARLY DOES.