Posted on Apr 06, 2021.

Littlewood has you taking part in the rebuilding process after saving the world, creating a beautiful town from the remains of the previous one.

You are a hero who is well known – one that saved the world and defeated a dark wizard, but you can’t remember any of that. You don’t feel much like a hero, and despite everyone always being impressed with your past, you’re not attached to it much. Instead, you are here to build up a town, find new townspeople to join you, and help make this place thrive.

Playing the game, it’s a bit like Stardew Valley and a bit like Animal Crossing. You have a small bit of land in the middle of the forest, a few friends to help you, and you can spend your day (and energy bar) fixing up the place. There is a lot to do, from terrain to be changed around, houses to be built, furniture to be crafted, and resources to chop or mine.

As your energy depletes, it will get darker, prompting you to sleep to replenish yourself and see what a new day brings. You can spend your time talking to the villagers (which will increase your friendship with them), crafting new materials, fishing – it’s really quite endless. As the game progresses, you will be able to find new tools and unlock new blueprints, as well as see new villagers come to your town, looking for somewhere to bring their talents.

Littlewood is a relaxing game, giving you enough energy to make a difference in each day while you slowly get to meet new characters and build up this town. Plenty of townsfolk will help you remember details from your life before, but for me, the game is all about building up a new world and being a helpful character. Which is just what I like to play.

Also, I feel that the world-building and decorating is so much easier than Animal Crossing. It’s so simple to build up land and create stairs, and there isn’t some five star rating system that I need to keep track of to get better flowers, either.