Narita Boy

Posted on Apr 05, 2021.

Narita Boy takes you on a journey through a sumptuous digital land as you battle to save the mind of the person who created your video game world.

The Creator has had his memories wiped by HIM, and the digital kingdom he created is in uproar. Guess being a best-selling game developer wasn’t all that impressive to some of his monstrous creations once the game world started to mesh with physical reality. I mean, if you’ve been designed by someone purely for the purpose of getting beaten up by the game’s players, it’s understandable you’d be a bit upset with the person who made you.

Anyway, Narita Boy has been kicked into action to free the Creator’s memories, and he’s got a fancy sword that will help him in the task. This Techno-sword can execute some smooth-looking combos as you carve your way through some (rightfully) angry monsters. Don’t strike them without taking a few minutes to admire their designs, though, as this game has some incredible sci-fi, tech-infused beasts roaming through it. All of them look fantastic in motion, and aim to offer some neat challenges for you. It’s not all monster enemies, though, as you’ll get some impressive pals to help you out as well, including the neatest mixture of horse and old school PC that I’ve ever seen,

Narita Boy‘s visuals are just stunning, and are a real treat to see in motion as you try to help your Creator remember themselves. If only I could explore such pretty pixel places to help jog my memory when I’d forgotten something.