‘Say No! More’

Posted on Apr 09, 2021.

Been pushed around at work? Made to do things you didn’t want to? That were definitely against labor laws? Say No! More lets you fight back.

While the game’s title tends to force a certain Monty Python sketch to bubble up in my memories, the game’s actual focus is on that delicious dream we all have of finally telling the people who take advantage of us to buzz off. That pleasant thought of actually telling our bosses that we’re not working an extra day a week. That no, we’re not covering for someone else’s department. That we’re not doing another job for months, even years, because the company doesn’t feel like hiring someone else. It’s THE dream in many jobs and lives.

Not only saying NO, but doing so with such crushing force that it shatters furniture and objects. That it blasts those self jerks who initially asked you clean out of your path. Not just finally being able to refuse, but having so much power in doing so that it annihilates everything irritating in your radius. It’s literally beautiful to see in action, and offers some powerful, ridiculous catharsis for those stuck working in some truly miserable places.

Let’s face it: many folks have worked jobs where their kindness and willingness to help are abused every day, and Say No! More gives them a wonderful, much-needed place to vent. Maybe even a place that helps people finally get out from under the folks who keep taking advantage at them at their real jobs.