Tadpole Tales

Posted on Apr 04, 2021.

Tadpole Tales has you helping a growing frog clean off their pondmates, bringing back their bright, shimmering colors so they aren’t so hostile any more.

Some horrible company has been spilling nasty goop into your pond. Well, the game doesn’t say that, but who else besides a corporation full of monstrous jerks would drop all of these pollutants into the watery home of so many cute sea creatures. Being covered in industrial grime and waste tends to put these cute creatures in a really sour mood, making them lash out. So, you need to stay out of their way while they’re angry, pelting them with water until they’re clean enough to calm down.

It’s a short experience, but not one that’s short on visual detail. The animated art style is just beautiful in motion, really creating a cheerful, bouncy environment you’re going to want to keep returning to. Also, it made me feel terribly for these poor creatures as well, giving me more motivation to help clean them up. If you feel nothing for these grinning, shiny fish and pond-denizens, you might just be a soulless husk.

Whether you feel anything for the fishy folks you’re saving, Tadpole Tales still offers some stiff challenges to keep you playing. Sure, you can take a few hits before you’re downed unlike most shmups, but you get bigger as your health increases, making you a bigger target. You do more damage as well, but still, things can get pretty hard for you as you try to clean up this pond. Still, one look into a happy fish’s eyes should be enough to keep you going.